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We would like to thank all participants for their contributions, making our conference a success. We are looking forward to meeting you at the ICFSMA 2016 (September 5-9) in Sendai, Japan, which will be organized by Ryosuke Kainuma (kainuma (at) material.tohoku.ac.jp).


The exponential publication record during the last 20 years shows that the magnetic shape memory science and the development of the Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys (FSMA's) may be counted as a well-established interdisciplinary research field in a smart materials and solid state physics. The first International Conference on FSMA's (ICFSMA-07) launched successfully in Kolkata, India, evoked a general interest in placing such a forum on a regular basics. The second conference in Bilbao (ICFSMA-09) established the ICFSMA as the key conference, covering all aspects of magnetic shape memory alloys.

The aim of the conference is to generate an overview of world-wide R&D in the field of magnetic shape memory alloys and related phenomena. Emphasis will be given to the role of these materials in fundamental studies and their relevance in modern new technologies. ICFSMA'11 provides an excellent opportunity to bring together scientists and engineers from universities, research institutes and industry to present and discuss their most recent results covering both fundamental and applied aspects of FSMA's as well as to identify future collaborations.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Dresden for ICFSMA 2011.

Goals and conference topics


a. Promote research on basic and applied aspects related to Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys

b. Provide fundamentals for exploitation of FSMA

c. Provide platform for interdisciplinary scientific discussions and knowledge transfer from academia to applications

d. Attract young researchers to FSMA research

e. Increase attractiveness of the ICFSMA conference series in a competitive international environment

f. Expand ICFSMA's focus to new and attractive areas


A. Basic phenomena and theory

B. Structure and magnetic properties

C. Magneto mechanics and magneto caloric effect

D. Thin films and microsystems

E. Composites, foams and novel materials

F. Modelling and simulations from the atomic to the micro scale

G. Processing and application

Important dates

  • Extended abstract submission deadline: 31 January 2011

  • Notification of acceptance: postponed to 07 March 2011

  • Early registration: postponed to 21 March 2011

  • Extended abstracts are intended to give a short overview on current results. The use of references is encouraged.

    For further information, please contact us: s.faehler(at)ifw-dresden.de